Services For RMU (Ring Main Unit):

Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Inspection, Corrective Maintenance, Termination, MV Cables Terminations, Bushing, Preventive Maintenance, SF 6 Gas Charging

Ring Main Unit (RMU) Inspection and installation.

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance:

This is regular maintenance performed to minimize the risk of unexpected failures and extend the lifespan of the RMU. Daily tasks might include:

  • Visual inspection of the RMU cabinet for damage, dirt, or foreign objects.
  • Checking the pressure gauge (if applicable) to ensure proper SF6 gas levels.
  • Verifying the functionality of indicator lights and displays.

Corrective Maintenance

This is performed to address problems that are identified during preventive maintenance or due to malfunctions. Corrective maintenance should only be done by qualified personnel and may involve:

  • Cleaning the RMU insulators.
  • Replacing faulty components.
  • ¬†Performing leak detection and repair of the SF6 gas enclosure (if applicable).

Additional Services:

Cable Test Compartment, Gas Tank. Interlocking Latch for Cable Test Compartment, Padlocking Facilities for Load Break Switch, Load Break Switch Operating Mechanism, Padlocking Facilities for Earthing Switch, Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Ring Switch Cable Compartment, MV Cable Fixing Support, Tee-Off Switch Cable Compartment, Voltage Presence Indicator, Switch-disconnector Operation, Operation Counter, Circuit Breaker Operation, Operating Latch for Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Protection Relay, Lifting Lugs, Padlocking Facilities for Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism, Gas Pressure Indicator.

It's important to note that working on RMUs can be dangerous due to the high voltage involved. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and ensure proper safety procedures are followed before performing any maintenance tasks.