Testing and Verification:

• After installation, the termination should be thoroughly inspected to ensure proper assembly and no damage.

• Depending on regulations and project requirements, specific electrical tests like partial discharge measurements might be required to confirm the termination's integrity.

electrician at work with an electric panel

Cable Termination

Heat Shrink

These terminations use heat to shrink pre-molded insulating sleeves onto the cable, creating a weatherproof and sealed connection. 

Cold Shrink

These Termination utilize pre-assembled components that mechanically compress onto the cable, offering a quicker installation without needing a heat source.

Termination Installation:

The specific steps involved will vary depending on the chosen termination type and manufacturer's instructions. However, some general steps might include: 

Stress Control

Applying stress cone components to gradually transition from the cables insulation to the terminations wider connection point. This helps distribute electrical stress evenly and prevents premature failure.

Conductor Connection

Installing lugs or other connectors onto the cable conductor to facilitate the final connection to the equipment terminal.

Insulation & Sealing

Completing the termination by applying the heat shrink sleeves (if applicable) or mechanically tightening the cold shrink components to create a sealed and insulated connection.

Cable Termination Tools:

• Cable Benders.

• Cable Cutters.

• Cable Strippers.

• CCX Crimper Cutter Multi Tools.

• Crimping Tools.

• Cutting and Crimping Dies.

• Hydraulic Pumps.

Testing Equipment Facilities

  • Winding resistance meter

• Insulation resistance tester

• Turns ratio meter

• On-load tap changer tester

• Transformer oil testing instruments

• Partial discharge tester

• AC and DC withstand voltage testers

• Power factor and impedance measuring instruments

Cable Pulling

With expertise spanning every aspect of cable pulling and installation services, we handle a wide spectrum of projects, from straightforward single pulls to intricate multi-circuit installations. Our specialization lies in tackling challenging installations for mega projects. We boast an in-house team of skilled electricians and jointers, ensuring we offer a comprehensive installation package for even the most complex endeavors.


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